With This Purpose Missions was established from Reverend Jaclyn M. Green's clarion call at the age of eight, to missions and nonprofit impact work in foreign countries. Since adolescence Rev. Jaclyn as been connected to missionaries; and has personally worked with nonprofit organizations voluntarily/professionally since middle school. Rev. Jaclyn has witnessed the impact of serving on the front lines of life through missions, nonprofit and humanitarian aid. Yet one missions trip to Kenya, East Africa she waited 25 years to experience, pivoted her further into purpose. Some purposes are found, and others are created through prayer and planning. Thus, with much preparation, training, organizing and waiting, With This Purpose Missions was established June 2020.



Reverend Jaclyn M. Green, B.S. 


 To equip and empower people of various Countries around the world, in the Impact Areas of Education and Health.


To demonstrate Christ Centered service, through Educational and Health Humanitarian/Social Service Initiatives.

With This Purpose Missions, is led by four Board of Directors, committed to the vision, mission and successful impact work of the organization. Our Board of Directors are exceptional leaders, trained and well equipped; working  in their perspective field of Education, Health, Ministry, Missions and Global Nonprofit Impact Work.

Board of Directors

Mrs. La Shonna D. Bookert, M.A.T.

Reverend Euticauls Wambua Nzengu

Ms. Shawnda R. Young, LCSW, RPT-S

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